Connecting to other payment gateways


I was wondering if there is a way to connect to an API of a payment system other than PayPal and Stripe. I wish to open an merchant account with PayUMoney []( text`or Paytm [] ( which allow payment gateways that is allowed to accept payments in my country.

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What is the answer on this?

Are we able to use the API connector to connect to an API for Moneris for example?

just use api connector and follow the API Docs should do the tricks

Anything that offers an API can be integrated into Bubble.

Is there any guidance for non-technical users to use connect to bubble apps with external API not offered in their list?

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Are you familiar with the payumoney API documentation?

Take that information and use Postman to test it.

To test, use the information from payumoney

and put into postman.


I know this is probably a lot to ask, but could you possible give a PayU integration example in the forum app? like paulbis, I can only there are many of us (non-techies) that have been completely inspired by bubble and have no understanding of how best to go about building or configuring APIs.

Hope you can :slight_smile:

you can try paykun payment gateway

Anyone tried implementing something like this? Gateway Documentation

Are you familiar with the paykun payment gateway?