Payments system, charge and payout users


I’m developing a social platform populated by two kind of users:

  • Contents consumers;
  • Contents producers;

This service requires the following payment system:
1) Contents consumers buy on-demand credits to unlock special contents;
2) Customer producers receive payments from the platform (each month), and the amount is based on how many of their contents have been accessed by Contents consumers;

For payment 1) I can easily use Stripe or Braintree and charge Current Users’ credit cards, but what do you suggest for payment 2) ?

“Stripe connect payouts” works in US only, and I’m based in Italy (so I can’t use it).
PayPal has the “payout” feature, but I don’t find any plugin that implements it.

How would you implement this payment system?


Did you find a solution for item #2?

hi @matteo how did you solve this issue? have the same situation and can’t believe how difficult it is to find a payout solution that works. TIA for any info!

Is Stripe Connect not available for you? What country are you in?

USA so Connect is available but the onboarding is quite onerous. It may work for vendors, but also need a solution for micro-payouts to individuals who wouldn’t want to do anything more than provide a paypal/venmo ID or a bank account/routing number for ACH.

Hey! Actually, I didn’t solve this as I abandoned the idea before implementing it :smiley: sorry