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Stripe Connect - ONE TO MANY

I’m sooo close to pushing an on-demand delivery app I’ve been building the past few months. I have businesses in my area signed up and ready to use plus a bunch of potential customers waiting to use the app, but I have one MAJOR issue… I’m having trouble paying all the associated parties in each order with Stripe Connect.

I need to take payment from customers and pay businesses, drivers, and take my cut. Currently my only option is to break this down into 2 orders (and 2 credit card transaction fees).

Does anyone have any experience paying multiple parties using Stripe Connect? I searched but couldn’t find much on these forums. I see it’s available on their website but it doesn’t look like this integration is available on Bubble. Does anyone know if it may be available on Bubble soon?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the last hurdle I need before I can launch!

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This section of Stripe’s docs describes what you need:

You can use the API connector for this.

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Thank you @mishav. I just started reading the documentation and this is very insightful so far.

You may want to checkout @CoBubble’s stripe.js Plus - it has a lot of support for Stripe Connect.

I’m actually doing that right now as we speak. Do you have any experience with Stripe.js Plus?

Yes, I am using it - but not for Connect accounts. Very nice guys with excellent support.

I am currently using the Stripe.js Plus plugin to send transactions to one person while taking a % fee. I like it more than the builtin Bubble plugin because there is more flexibility and there are new features being released all the time. For instance, you can now arrange bank account setup and payout schedules to bank accounts on behalf of your sellers from within Bubble. I bet it’s not too far fetched for @iamsalar to add your request to the future road map of the plugin.

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We’d be happy to explore more Connect-focused features if anyone’s interested in sponsoring an hour or two to build and test them! :blush:


That seems very fair to me.

Stripe’s recent policy changes have opened up the one-to-many payment relationships. Historically, we’ve had to pass funds from a charge directly to the seller at the point of collection. Not only is instantly transferring a bit frustrating for platforms that’d like to introduce review processes in their user flow, it also required knowledge of the sellers you’re transferring to up front as well. Luckily, now Stripe allows you to create a Transfer Group for each transaction and then create transfers to your sellers at your own convenience within a 90-day window.

Stripe.js Plus (Version 1.4.0, released June 10, 2017) has support for transfer groups and transfers. :slightly_smiling_face: