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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Hello @vini_brito

How can you create a box with a black or any color border of 1px and with text inside?


Hello how are you? Once again asking for your help lol.
I have a repeat group with multiple “sellers” and each seller has multiple “customers” with their respective sales.
I would like to know if there is a way to filter by a date and have them all printed at once where each seller will leave on a page each with their customers, sales and their name.
Thanks again for your attention.

@iscondidodido Hello! That’s more on the Bubble-fu side, I suggest you get a Bubble coach if you need help organizing your data :blush:

@ryanck There’s no boxing mechanism in the PDF, but if you want that design so much you can tinker with more convoluted ways, like using 4 images around the text, that kind of stuff.
Or just use a table with a single text, it will be a black simple border.

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Thanks :grinning:

Hello @vini_brito,
I have not been able to create the PDF using the server option, even if I include just a “Hello” sentence.
I think the problem is the last step, but I think I am doing exactly the same steps define in the doc.
Could you include in the examples a UX to create a PDF, and know how to create a basic PDF click in a button?
Thanks in advance,

It is we again, sorry, :frowning:
I was checking the functionalities in the browser, and I saw there is an advanced table option, but when I tried to add columns it asked for the previous step in the server.

I mixed the options. My mistake.

Hello @vini_brito

Nice to know there is a workaround.

Thanks a lot man.

I’m trying to get a repeating table inside a repeating structure with a repeating column but it throws an error. What am I doing wrong?

Hello @vini_brito,

I am trying to create an invoice using data I have saved on the database, on it I am creating a table that consists of two columns (service and price) but I can not manage to make the column for price to be aligned to the left, I tried creating an advanced table and styling each column but they don’t get styled. Is there a workaround you know of?
I really appreciate your help and the great plugin you have created!!

@rakenstart try using just lowercase in the name of your style and avoid symbols or spaces on it.

@vini_brito Hello how are you? Once again asking for help lol.

I have a pdf file that I upload externally to a Bubble table. I would like to know if I can make this pdf appear along with another pdf created from Bubble.

And if it doesn’t work, I’m trying to put an image and I’m not succeeding, the image doesn’t appear.

I created a field to insert the image, and put it in the pdf that way. What could I be doing wrong?


Sorry, I don’t understand the issue. What do you mean with “appear along”?
About the image, search this thread for troubleshooting image issues. There’s plenty on that already (:

Hello. @vini_brito
In the case of “appear together” if it would be possible to load an external pdf file into my database and when closing the pdf from the pdf conjure this pdf saved in the database close together with the pdf conjure, as if it were a image but in case it would be the pdf understood?
And I’ve scoured these topics so much and I haven’t found anything that works in my pdf to get the image out, I don’t know what could be wrong lol.

Good afternoon, your article helped a lot. But I don’t understand very well how to start using the plugin

Hi @vini_brito !! Any update regarding the conjurer action fix? (server side)

It wasn’t a bug at all, just some usage fix. New docs will be out soon (:


Have you checked the first post of this thread?

Hi @vini_brito Any chance of you making exactly the same plugin but for doc/docx files? Surprisingly such a plugin does not exist to my knowledge.

@vini_brito Thank you so much for this plugin.
Still getting the message error when trying to conjure a pdf server-side. Any news on this matter ?
Thank you

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