PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

The Load font to PDF is for the backend server workflow - the Load font to PDFModel is for a standard page workflow - where you have put the element in your page (for instance usually defualts to PDFModel A)

If you want to load a font you link it to the TTF file - something like this.
The way I accomplish this is by downloading the TTF files for the fonts I want and then uploading them to bubble internal storage of my app, and getting the direct urls for it.

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Or maybe somebody has ran into this issue that I can’t quite seem to figure out. I’d like to generate something like the following

That is, have an image which is next to, for example several rows of text that are evenly spaced.

I tried to do a multi column inside a multi column (seems to stack them), and I can’t seem to put an advanced table inside of a multi column. I think i can probably formulate a way to do this with a table inside a multi column. - however my data is not in tabular format it’s more like a header.

Was wondering if anybody had any cool ideas for something like this.

hey @chris.s
Maybe you could
Start Multicolumn / Image / Table Do a search item until#3 / Table Do a search item from#4 until#3 / End multicolum
Don’t forget to name your multicolumns and refer to it in each element inside

Hey @vini_brito or someone else !

I trying to achieve something :

I have a list of tasks with fields :

  • site
  • color
  • order

Here’s my table of tasks :

Here’s how I want to display in the pdf :

I want to group tasks by site (I know how to) and display the tasks colors in the second column.

An idea how to achieve this ? thank you !

So far in my testing it seems to throw sequential multicolumns below each other.

Is order referring to a display order, or some other sort of order, the reason I ask is does the task_colors column data need to be sorted in some specific way?

Hi Sarah -

I have a working prototype of what you’re trying to do here:

I built this using some simple text states and also a looper. I don’t think it’s possible to do this functionality without some sort of bubble looping without creating a data structure specific to organizing it this way. (more below) You’ll notice on the repeating group where the color lists are being generated it’s first prefaced with the iteration number, this is because the state is a list and it won’t allow duplicates (which your data had - and likely other data will also have). This prefix is then removed in the table.

If you created a specific data type for holding some of this - you could do some more complex calculations and searches where [Table Object] has [List of Sites Objects] has [List of Colors]

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strange, if you can share editor, maybe I can help !

hey @vini_brito I tried to look into the inspector but I must tell that I don’t know where or what to check… The pdf is generated from front (button) to backend WF.

It crashes with in bubble log : the TEMPORARY_BUG bug :confused: right just after the conjure pdf action

And once I had this one :

The WF works great but sometimes it doesn’t :confused:

OHH I see. Thank you so much for the information it helps a lot. :blush:

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you’re incredible, it worked perfectly ! a big thank you !!

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Hi @vini_brito ! Thank you for this great plugin!

In my app im generating a document with a header that has a logo, a text information (with 3 inputs), and a QR Code as you can see on the image above. For this text information (that refers to the QR Code) I had to use a unique “Create text” action, cuz if I used different “Create text” actions for each input, it would be side-to-side and not below eachother.

My question is, is it possible to do, somehow, the same thing I did with 3 separeted “Create text” actions and make sure they will be below eachother? Im thinking of a “Sandwich” action, where you can Start and End staking elements.

Thank you! Greetings from Brazil!

hello @vini_brito

There’s a mistake there (add image on backend)


right is not properly spell

I cannot make the image go to the right, do you think it is because of that mistake ?

I have a two colum multicolum, the first one is set to “fit to content” the second one is "“fit available space” and the image alignment set to right

thank you

Oh, will fix it right now. Okay, just fixed and released it!
Thanks for spotting it! Superb as always :blush:

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hey @vini_brito if you can think about your roadmap with colored background cells it will be heaven <3

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Yes coloured background cells would be a nice touch, also (maybe too difficult) but would be amazing to be able to show/hide pdf elements based on conditionals. Anyway, PDF Conjurer is great!

you can setup conditional by using :formatastext
let me know if you need an example @darren.james7518
for images, the trick for “no” is to add a blank image

Thank you for the info, I will give it a go!

Hey Guys, I’ve big trouble with my app. I build it on IOS brower, PDF conjurer work perfectly. But now I am testing it with more people and it simply doesn’t work with android.
I really don’t know how to resolve that problem.

I can conjure the PDF but I can’t put any text on it.