PDF generation plugins do not work

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I am having a problem generating PDF files, is anyone else having this issue?

When I download the PDF (plugin), if it has a photo that was recently stored with the new CDN link, the photo doesn’t appear (it’s not printed on the PDF)…

This reminds me to ask: when will bubble.io bring an effective solution for generating PDFs?

What type of pdf creator are you using? Some basically screenshot & convert, if the service you’re using doesn’t wait for a full render the image may not have time to load. Try delaying it.

Apparently the problem is with the link to the images:

When the link has of the imgem has the “.cdn.bubble.io”, it does not appear in the PDF.

When the image link has “d1muf25xaso8hp.cloudfront.net”, it appears in the PDF.

Apparently bubble no longer uses “.cdn.bubble.io”, because I uploaded an image again and the link looks like this: “d1muf25xaso8hp.cloudfront.net”…

now I have to solve the problem of images with the link “.cdn.bubble.io”…


Having the same issue!
My plugins were working fine prior.
Following this thread and will update if I find a solution.

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I couldn’t come up with a solution that intelligently addressed the problem. But I realized it was a problem with the image links, I think because of the recent bubble changes. If you don’t have many images with this problem, you can upload again, because then it will show up again…

If you have a good solution, talk to us!

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