Images not showing when downloading pdf

hi there does anybody have an idea why my images are not shown when i want to download a page to pdf ?

i tried to use multiple pdf plugins but they all have the same issue.
even standard bubble icons are not shown.


Hi @dennis1 ,
Can you be more specific on the plugin you are using and maybe share a link to the editor

The problem is solved by refreshing the app page

the problem still occurs sometimes. i have no idea why. it seems that when somebody takes a long time to fill in our form that the images are not loaded when a persons download his result report.

Are you making a PDF of the page they are looking at/filling out or are you loading a separate page and generating from that? I’ve noticed all the plugins make PDFs too quickly on page load and you need to use the “Page loaded (entire)” condition and some delays so it waits for pictures/icons to load

what do you mean with the page loaded (entire) condition?

So for a PDF plugin I use, I have the user fill out a form, then when they press “Make PDF” it navigates to a separate page with the proper PDF layout that I want. In that case most people will do “On page load” workflow and have it create the PDF. Instead I use the “When condition is true” workflow with the condition “Page is loaded (entire)” so it actually waits for the page to finish loading instead of instantly starting the PDF generation process. Then I add an extra 2 seconds of wait time by scheduling a custom event 2 seconds in the future, then I have that custom event run the PDF generation action.

None of this applies to your issue if you the form the user is filling out is literally what you are capturing because it probably has 30 seconds to load while they are filling it out.

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