PDF & Screenshot PRO off center?

Does anyone else find that screenshots are pushed slightly to the right?

@darren.james7518 I’m not having any issues with alignment of images. Do you have an exact example you need help with?


Hi @bubblealex I made a short video showing my issue. Any help much appreciated.

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Yes I’m facing the exact same problem,

You can have a look to my PDFn i have big margins on the top, and left, so my content on the right doesn’t show off.

Have you solved your problem?

No I never solved the issue, in fact I gave up on it altogether and just hope the user can use their own browser to download (file > download).

This issue happens when your printed element does not have enough height to proportion the width.
If you set the print PDF height to 1100px but the element you are printing is below 1100px, then the width will be reduced as well to keep the proportion.

Hope this helps.

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