Performance and scale for Web / Native App Bubble

Hello Bubblers,

I would like to contact you to have more information about Bubble performance in terms of server scalability.

I am developing, for a customer like Uber Eats, a Bubble application intended to be a site and an application IOS / ANDROID.

I’m thinking of taking the storage on AWS having data storage constraints on the French territory.

This customer already has 60 000 subscribers (not all active), so I need to know the performance of Bubble server units in terms of traffic management.

How much traffic (or request) to manage 1 server unit for example?
And how can I calculate the price versus the desired performance?

Thank you for your time and your answer,

Hello Ben,

We don’t have a server unit to user/workflow conversion or examples to share here, since each application is highly customizable and therefore different. We’ve seen users with about 500 daily users work with 3 units of capacity. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen apps with more than 100,000 page views a day work quite well with 30 units. Applications with large numbers of searches and complex workflows will use more capacity than simpler, more streamlined apps.

The best way to estimate the number of capacity units your app will need is to build a prototype, test it out with initial users, determine the peak capacity consumption, and multiply by the expected growth of your user base. You can use the Logs tab of your app editor to view capacity usage over time as it relates to your tests, as a means of creating a baseline for your estimations.

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Hi dazhane, when determining peak capacity consumption do you mean for example if I have 300 users and the most my logs show over a couple of months is 2 units/month, then its assumed if I have 900 users, my peak capacity will probably reach 6 units/month? Maths is not my strong point.

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