Performance : bwf filtered or unique Id is in?

Hello Bubblers !

Which one do you think performs best in backend workflow ? To avoid “app too busy” or WU high burn if thousands of entries ?

Thank you

To be honest I don’t know… I’ve done extensive testing on WU cost and performance with regard to data retrieval on the front end, but much less in terms of backend workflows (up till now).

In theory, if your list of Candidates is already defined there should be no need to search for them again, they can be retrieved with individual data requests… - which might suggest that option 2 is more efficient (although it probably depends on the size of the list)…

Having said that, I doubt that there’s any difference at all in practice, as Bubble is usually optimized enough not to perform searches unnecessarily.

But, it’s super simple to test this for yourself (at least in terms of WUs)…

Just run both workflows and then check your server logs - it will tell you the exact WU cost of each… I’d be interested to know the result.

In terms of performance, my experience (even on the new WU pricing model) is that making changes to a list of things works great up until around 4000-5000 things - at which point things start to get messy - but I’ve got some more testing to do before I can draw any real conclusions on that.


Thank you for clear response. I will not make any change on the list, I use this action to use this filtered list in nexts steps with “result of step x” :slight_smile:

Maybe @josh or @grace.hong can tag here someone from the Bubble engineering team ?

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