Permutations of Things

I am trying to create permutations of data, but having trouble finding a way to do so… spent hours researching so far. I will explain with an example.

Let’s say I have 2 Data Types: Materials and Colors

In Materials, I have the following 3 “Things”: Polyester, Wool, Leather.
Each of these 3 Materials has a “list of things” field called Variations.

  1. For Polyester Variations, there is “polyester, polyester blend”.
  2. For Wool Variations, there is “wool, wool blend”.
  3. For Leather Variations, there is “bonded leather, leather, full grain leather”.

In Colors, I have the following 4 “Things”: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink
Each of these 4 Colors has a “list of things” field called Variations.

  1. For Red Variations, there is “Red, Maroon”
  2. For Blue Variations, there is “Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy”
  3. For Purple Variations, there is “Purple, Lavender, Burgundy”
  4. For Pink Variations, there is “Light Pink, Magenta”

When a combination of Materials and Colors is specified, I would like to create combinations of the “Variation” fields from the Materials and Colors tables.

So let’s say the specified combination is {Color} x {Material}. I want to see all combinations of {Color} x {Material} where {Color} = Purple and {Material}= Wool.

In this example, the desired output would be:

  1. Purple Wool
  2. Purple Wool Blend
  3. Lavender Wool
  4. Lavender Wool Blend
  5. Burgundy Wool
  6. Burgundy Wool Blend

Any ideas on how to do this? Basically I’m trying to figure out a way to create combinations/permutations of text strings. It’s like an iterative version of a basic concatenation.

Once you create the dB model in the data tab (the database) you can display those listings in text elements

You would need to build the UI and workflows to create those combinations and to display them

Thanks for your reply! I still am a bit confused.

Is there any tool or plug-in that can create iterative combinations? Or I have to manually create each combination in individual workflows? The latter wouldn’t work because I need the program to be able to do this with different sized lists each time… this was just one example.

Schedule API workflow on a list is what you need here.

It will create the combinations you need by iterating through Material then iterating on Colour.

So Schedule a Workflow on a list of Materials which will then, in turn, schedule a workflow on a List of Colours for that Material.

If you search for SKU you will find more info on this sort of thing.

It might take a while to process :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nigel! I guess I need a paid plan to make this happen, but does seem like it would work based on what I read in the Reference