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Personal plan - number of Apps


With the personal plan, how many Apps can we develop? Only one?


Hi there, @guygreen63… every app in Bubble is a separate thing, and every app has its own plan. So, to answer your question, if you have an app that is on a personal plan, that plan only applies to that app, and therefore, yes, you can only develop one app (i.e., the associated app) on that plan.


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Thanks Mike.
If I understand the bubble infrastructure or page structure, I could have an App with multiple not so related functions and have links in the top menu to direct my users to a part of the App. As well, I could provide a link to my users to only access that part of the App, using slugs, I believe.

Guy (newbie at bubble…)

Yes, you can have different pages with different functionality that are accessible by different groups of users, and you can control that access in a number of different ways.

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