Phone number format from dropsource to bubble


I have a phone number filed in Dropbox of the data type phonenumber but there is no corresponding data type in bubble. I am not able to bind the dropsource data element with a number data type in bubble as when I retrieve it form the data base and display in dropsource, i am getting a float value.

How do you suggest that I store phone numbers in bubble, shoudl I use a text field instead of a number in bubble.


Yep, I d use only Text and “work” the numbers after to format them…

  • if you plan dealing with various countries they all use dif formats…so even more work to format all that properly…

Thank you

maybe check the plugins if there is anything new dealing with phone numbers…

A general comment about phone numbers:

For some discussion of phone numbers and how best to handle them, check out this thread and specifically this reply from me (also, the one immediately prior):

I can’t comment specifically on Dropsource, but if they are doing things right, phone numbers there should be texts.

In short, phone numbers should be stored as texts (they are not numbers) and the best and most useful format for those is E.164 format. Phone numbers are anything but easy and Bubble’s very simple “US Phone” input mask kind of leads you down the wrong path.