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(solved) Entering of phone numbers


I am creating an app for people to schedule laundry/ dry-cleaning pick ups. In the sign up process, I have people leave their phone number so we can contact them if needed. When testing the app, I entered the number in a manner which seems common: 123-456-7890.

However, the data base only displays the 123.

Is there a way to capture this data in a format that people would likely enter it?

One solution would be to have a separate input for each of the 3 parts of the phone number, but this doesn’t seem user friendly and I don’t like it.

Any other ideas?

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One thing that I noticed is that when I initially set up this data set, I had set the ‘phone number’ input to a ‘number’ as a type. Thinking this might be the cause, I changed it to ‘text’.

However, I am still getting a similar result. The difference is that the 123 is aligned left (screen shot below), instead of aligned right (screenshot above).

Can you share a link to your editor? It’ll be easier for us to see what’s going on.

got it! After changing it to text, I noticed a ‘formatting’ option in set up menu. Changed that to US phone number and everything works as intended now.

For those who may find this later that formatting option can be seen at the bottom of this screen: