Making mobile app with Natedogg's course- files/directions out of date?

Hello All,

I purchased NateDogg’s course on creating a web wrapper app for a Bubble app, and have completed everything as directed.

However, in both the Android and Iphone cases, I was unsuccessful in completing the app.

While there may be error on my part, I think there is good evidence that the files/directions used in that course are out of date.

After uploading my zip file to Phonegap, here is what I see:

Obviously I am no expert, but it looks like there are issues with Nate’s old code not working with Phonegap’s current specifications. Again, I could just be making some error.

With the Android situation, its more complicated. It’s hard to see what’s going on. But it’s also not working. I have re-done the directions three times with the same result.

  1. My app builds, but when I use it in the android studio emulator, it just fails to go beyond the splash screen
  2. When I view it in appetize, the splash screen dissappears, and I just see white.

I used to create an APK out of my website, and the APK I generated there worked fine on So it does not look my bubble app is the problem.

Just thought I’d put this out there. @natedogg

My next step- contact bubble to try to get the right phonegap zip file, at least for the iphone app.

Not sure what i’ll do about the android situation.

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I’m in a similar boat and it basically looks like the PhoneGap method no longer works. People say there’s GoNative, which seems well supported but expensive.

I’ve gone with template WebViews off of Code Canyon, there’s an iOS and Android version and they work straightaway with some minor annoyances. You need Xcode and Android Studio but the short YouTube vids the Code Canyon author offers do give enough for a newbie to get started viewing and interacting with your Bubble app on a real phone.

I’ve not submitted to the app stores yet so still not sure about how this will go… because I’ve heard Apple especially is not a fan of WebView based apps, but I think that’s more for information-based websites parading as real apps vs. real database-driven apps like a Bubble app.

Has there been a fix yet? Having the same issue.

I got into the app store fine with the WebView. It’s a data driven app, I think Apple’s thing is they don’t want a 4 page content-based mobile site parading as an app (that’s only my guess though).

One other thing, your Bubble app is a mini responsive website. Bit of pain in the arse to finesse this, but manageable. It took about 2 - 3 weeks to get all my screens (about 30) responsive. Probably could be quicker if you’re used to making things responsive but if you’re new, it’s a lot of trial and error. I decided to support iPhone 5s and above, which means 4 different display resolutions, 5s, 6/7/8, 6/7/8 plus, and X.

How were you able to fix the files from Natedogg’s course? When I test it on my phone I just see a blue screen that doesn’t go away. I updated the config.xml to the latest Phonegap verison and also the plugins, but still the same error.