Phonetic Translation of Text

Anyone have a lead on how to create phonetic translations of text consisting of a random set of characters (letters, numbers, and special characters).

use “calculate formula”,

Isn’t this just creating a random string? If so, I’m looking to take a random string and translated it into phonetic words.

Phonemes are language-specific sounds that are combined to form words.

So you want the sounds of a particular random string of text?

I think they’re talking about l33t speak. Plenty of packages on NPM and GitHub for that for anyone who wants to build a plugin or just incorporate a package or run js it or whatever.

I’m was originally looking to do something like below…not really a phonetic translation - more of a way to remember the characters in the string by associating the character with a word.

string: %2rYuU*js9g.,Am
phonetic: percent two romeo YANKEE uniform UNIFORM star juliet sierra nine golf dot comma ALPHA mike

But I’m not sure that’s what I wanted either - because the results are not similar to actual words that - when you put all the sounds together - could flow off the tongue easier.

Hope this make sense.

Got it.
You can use below package to create plugin,


Try to use Open AI,

Linguistically speaking (lol), calling the radio alphabet “phonetic” is a misnomer. Its really more of a code alphabet, within which pronunciation can vary but not affect meaning. So you can say “huliet” and its clear what you mean. (sorry, linguistics was a long time ago)

But I think you’re after the individual sounds. Things that can be combined to form real words. These are going to be language specific of course. There are always more phonemes than there are characters in the writing system as characters have different pronunciations (ie long v short vowels or intonations). So in English there’s (looks it up) about 46 phonemes.

Not sure that gets you any closer. (if you couldn’t tell, I like linguistics and have studied languages)

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