Photo storage/hosting solution

I’m a real estate photographer. I’d like to create a “Realtor Dashboard” where my clients can do everything they need to do including viewing and paying for galleries.

I can’t host the galleries on bubble ($10/10GB). So I was toying with the idea of opening the galleries in an iframe. (And hosting photos on something like lychee or dropbox)

I’m pretty green when it comes to programming. Does anyone foresee problems with this? And if not, does anyone have a photo hosting solution they recommend? I’d need good back and forth communication via API. For instance, scheduling a photo shoot in Bubble would need to create a gallery in my photo host.

I would use one of the various plugins that will let you upload photos to your own s3 account. It may seem a little daunting at first but I am sure between the documentation of the plugin and help in the forum you can get it working. Then you can just store the images in the database as if they were uploaded directly to bubble.
That way you don’t need to mess with iframes or anything else and you can build all the galleries in bubble.

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I’d take a look at the Box plugin. I used this for one of my apps that hosts photos and it works great. Box has pretty adorable storage plans.

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I’ve always wondered how using external storage affects application speed? For example, wouldn’t saving or pulling images from Box take longer?

I haven’t noticed that it performs any slower than using the bubble database. It may be worth it just to set it up and experiment with it.

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That’s very interesting, i was not aware of these.

In my current system, photoshelter automatically creates multiple download resolutions from one upload. My plan was to use an open source photo management software like lychee to do this. Can I install this on S3? Or is it just for storage?

I can’t answer that one. Another option you might look at is upload care

Have a look at cloudinary. Pricing is great and much easier than using your own S3 bucket. Especially when it comes to image manipulation and different sizes on the fly.

Hello, this is interesting, I was wondering how to do when you have to deal with many photos.

I saw a BOX plugin by Bubble but after on the BOX plans it is a little bit hard to imagine if the offers fit the need (API Calls number is sufficient ? What plan do I need?)

Where can I find an article on the image limit in Bubble ? What do you use to easily insert photos in your project ?

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I did look at cloudinary, but I currently have a terabyte of photos - moving about one or two gig a day, as I recall that was cost prohibitive.

Is it easily integrated in Bubble, or you have everything to rethink ? Because with default storage on Amazon, it’s very easy to make it works with everything on Bubble (Croppie for example)

The main problem is the capacity, not sufficient at all if you have more complex pictures needs.

Thanks for any lights :wink:

I installed the box plugin. How does one upload multiple files at once?
EDIT - okay, I am using the multi-file uploader and it seems to work well - uploading to box.
A few questions

  1. When I use this multi-file uploader, I don’t know to assign values in my database for each photo. I can display them in a repeating group if I use the multi-file uploader as my source, but once I navigate from my page, where are they? How do I get them back?

  2. Can I use folders on box as a data source? For instance, can a create a repeating group and set my data source to a folder on box and just pull the pics from there?

@ryley.randall, do you know if images are still processed and served by Imgix when such a plugin is used?

From what I understand, Imgix only works when an image is saved directly in Bubble’s database. So the answer to your question is probably no.

I am not sure about multifile uploading. I have only ever used the picture uploader with this connection. You can create and call from folders on box.

I guess my problem is I don’t know how to call from folders on box.

Thanks, @jamesbond. I did some tinkering, and the following makes it pretty clear…

I had never noticed that message before. So basically, it has to do with where the image is hosted - not whether it’s in the Bubble DB (since an image hosted elsewhere can, in fact, be added to the Bubble DB - it just can’t be processed with Imgix). :neutral_face:

Do you know of any other plugins that allow upload (or download) from my own s3 account? All I found was zeroqodes however there is a bug that puts it offline every evening due to a date discrepancy in the credential check.

I also tried their microsoft azure plugin, however there is some kind of bug that won’t allow me to upload more than 100 pics at once.

Is upload/download to my own s3 something I could do with just an api call?

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