Bubble Storage for User Files? Pros and Cons

I’m diving into an app that will support lots of user-uploaded files (mostly images), and I’m on the fence about whether to use Bubble storage or not (although I’m leaning a bit toward using Bubble storage).

I realize external cloud storage would be less expensive, but it’s also more work to set up and would require the use of one or more plugins. I like Bubble’s Imgix integration and the idea of not relying on 3rd parties. My app might eventually support audio and video as well, so I guess that’s a consideration.

Does anyone out there who’s built a file-heavy platform (photo sharing, real estate, etc.) have any thoughts or insights to share?

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Box is well integrated with Bubble. Not perfectly, but image uploader can go directly into your Box account + you can create dynamic folder path. You can use native Bubble uploader and just switch the storage option.

But the initial setting is not easy.
You can also create your own AWS storage, the inital setting is not really easier and the use of ZQ plugin is recommended.

I also check for Sharefile integration. The Integration is not that hard to do (but this is not easy too) and may not be the perfect solution but I’m currently testing it. The cost of sharefile is very nice, but to link the file into Bubble, you need to upload + create a share link.

You can consider almost any file storage (G Drive, One Drive…) and they all have +/-.

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Thanks, @Jici, I appreciate the input. One drawback, it seems, to any of those approaches is that I’d lose ImgIx integration, since it works only with files on Bubble storage. Imgix provides real value with regard to optimizing load times - especially for mobile. Of course, I can set up my own Imgix account, but that’s more work and another integration; and a big part of the reason for using Bubble, for me, is to simplify things. :neutral_face:

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