Best storage option for image uploading app?


I’m trying to build a homework checking tool for my art students and we are generating a large amount of image data (over 1gb per month and growing).

I’m concerned that the 2GB of space offered with bubble will be eaten up the end of December, and the costs of adding an additional 10GB will scale with the success of our program.

I was wondering what other salable file hosting people are successfully using? The file uploader from @jarrad looks promising.

I tried blockspring to upload to S3, but it seems to hang. I’ve got it to work once out of about 5 tries.

Next will be trying to figure out the api connector and see if I can push things to S3 using that.

Apologies if someone has already posted a viable solution - I’ve been reading and trying to figure this out for a few evenings now - so time to ask for help :slight_smile:

Ive been changing the file uploader to suit bubble, an existing issue and retaining security and features. Its nearly good to go, but if your looking to move data from your app to you apps s3 or box this can be done with S3 & Box plugin found here

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