Photograph Metadata

Is it possible to access photo metadata, like this:

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No not yet. What is the use case?

We were just thinking of pulling the date and location data, but not too important.

Hi @emmanuel, is this option available yet? I would need to read the date and location of a photo when is not taken with the camera but uploaded from already photos from de cellphone ( developing mobile app)
Or is it possible only to constrain when upload phitos from cell to use only the camera and not photos already taken?

Thank you

No we don’t have this yet. I don’t think the phone let’s you do this, but you find something on the web that says you can restrict what is uploaded let us know and we’ll look into it.

Thank you, I will

It actually is possible to get your photos metadata. It would be nice if Bubble built this feature into the photos/imgix options, as it would make the process easier, but here’s how you can do it now.

Create the following custom API call:

the link in the GET call is imgix’s link to one of your photos. The ‘fm’ key is what exposes the photos metadata. Click ‘Modify call types’ (It will say ‘Initialize call’ the first time) you can choose which fields you want to work with.

Then, when working with this API call in your app, you just need to make the portion of the link starting with //… dynamic. Make that portion the photo’s URL.


wow, thanks, I will try it.

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Nice, seems to work using Now I need to implement it in bubble. Using the image uploader, it removes exif data when clicking ‘reduce file size’ in the imageuploader property.

Trying this I get the following error

Raw error for the API

In the meantime (since your post above) the API Connector UI changed and asks for authentication infos…
I don’t know what to choose (“None or self handled”) won’t work

Anyone an idea abou the error?

Raw error for the API

Thanks Carsten
I had a look again at this issue and got the API working in a way that I can initialize the call and setup the return values.
However I cannot see anywhere I can add the path to the image let alone configure it dynamically as mentioned in @alexis screenshot. I simply do not have a parameter “URL” and even if I create one and add a fixed URL (the one I use to initialize the call) it won’t return anything…

I’ve just added a new plugin that performs this action to make it a bit easier for folks uncomfortable with the API Connector:

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Thanks @romanmg for this great plugin. Just what I was looking for. Is there any way to get location data from this plugin as well?

I’ve installed your plugin. Can you advise as to how I would create a thing/object “picture” and have the data point “Image date” that is date.

I am only able to pull the original date into text boxes and the yet is YYYY:MM:DD.

I’m holding my restless two month old so if this question doesn’t make sense I apologize!

hi @motorhome
Dso you know how to do it now?

HI @KeitaroNakata.
I have not been able to get photo location data in my app as yet. Just get the date and time data at the moment using the Image Metadata Plugin

hi @motorhome
Thank you for your reply,
I tried the Image Metadata Plugin, and could get following data!
スクリーンショット 2020-12-14 21.41.05

@KeitaroNakata Thanks. Looks great - I’ll give that a try