Picking a list of Random numbers and not just a random number from a dataset

Is there any way to pick a list of random numbers from a dataset? I’m trying to find a way to pick a LIST of random numbers when creating a new thing. But it only selects ONE random number from the dataset. I’ve tried everything that I can think of.

Hey :wave: @gaffneyantonio

You can try doing a search for your list. Then sort the list by ‘random order’ and choose first item.

Does that make sense?

If that doesn’t help, maybe show a screenshot of what your workflow looks like when creating the random number. Hope we can help you out. :blush:

Thank you for chiming in. That’s pretty much what I did a few minutes after making this post however, I needed a list of numbers as opposed to just one number so what I did was do a search for list, sort by random, and then use the ‘item until #’.

This worked however, if i wanted to create another list, I would get the same set of numbers. The only fix that I was able to come up with was to refresh page and create a ‘go to page’ action with parameters to jump back to the same spot. But the UX isn’t great.

Awe. Ok. I hope that works good enough until you can give a better UX. At least it’s working for now. :blush:

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