Picture Holder conditional placeholder

Hey there, I was wondering whether there was a reason as to why the placeholder text on picture holders couldn’t be changed when a certain condition is met?

Thanks in advance


When you talk about the picture holder are you talking about the IMAGE element or the PICTURE UPLOADER?

In the image element you can conditionally change the Tooltip hint. In the PICTURE UPLOADER that options is not available. A solution could be to have two or more UPLOADERS and hide the one(s) you don’t need depending on conditionals. As well as in the workflows use conditionals to do operations.

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Hey, thanks for your answer. I may not have been super clear, yeah I’m trying to change the label on the picture uploader. I’m currently using the two Uploaders work around, but at some point it will become less efficient as I add more languages.

Anyways thanks again.

Your are welcome. You might ask the Bubble team to expose that property to the conditional list.

RE: PICTURE UPLOADER: Tooltip text property not exposed in conditional.

That’s good idea. Do you know how I might do that?

Write your request in the IDEA category of this forum.

Brilliant, thanks so much Rick! I have a good evening (or day depending on your time zone ahaha)