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Picture Uploader No longer Working?

Hey guys, I can’t tell if it’s just me or a bug but my pic uploader isn’t working - on any of my forms. Like, it keeps loading it but it never uploads.

(Yes I realize it’s not being written to a database BUT it should show after it’s uploaded, right? :confused:

Hey @dylan.phillipslevine I just tested yours and created a picture uploader in a new app, and the pictures didn’t load for me as well (the ‘loading’ bar stopped on each, but the uploader didn’t load the picture afterwards)

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We haven’t pushed anything related to that recently. If the issue persists please file a bug report.

I’m new to this, but I’m finding that the Picture Uploader is not working when I run the app as native on my iPhone6. It gives a popup without text and only a “cancel” button that does nothing. App freezes and has to be shut down. Am I missing something?