Picture Uploader Problem when in Mobile app

hie guys , i wanted to ask if anyone finally managed to find a workaround on the picture uploader problem when you convert your web application to native mobile app using webview? My app is finished and im stuck on this issue wr the picture uploader doesnt respond when pressed if the app is in mobile app form.

hello @cardyy

Please let me know if you’ve found a solution.
I have the same issue. I just converted my webview to app via android studio. The picture uploader does not respond but works perfectly in webview.

Thank you

I have also the same problem!

In case its of any help, I used the Universal Android Webview App to convert my website into an android app and the picture uploader issue disappeared.

This issue is solved if you use nativator.io services, works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

After 3 years, the picture uploader is still not working on Android phones. I try to upload a picture using the Android web browser (not even a native app) and it makes my phone crash. PLEASE FIX :pray: @emmanuel