Picture Uploder- Import Name of the picture


Is it possible to import the name of the picture in a text field when I import a picture ?


https://bubble.io/plugin/image-metadata-1523977766821x965646993422024700 is great but it is only for metadata and the name of the picture is not in it…

I’ve created an Url Field and another name field.
I extract in URL Field with the “Saved to S3” function.
Then I extract with this regex ([^/]+)(?=[^/]*/?$)
from end to the first slash the name of the file.

Thanks to @breezegames in Regex Get Last Part Of URL

the croppie plugin always you to use dynamic data to change and save the name of the file as it appears in the file manager and therefore the URL of the image.

Also, you can save the link, as well as file size and a few other data points on the image, plus crop it. I’ve been using the plugin for the last week or less and feel it is the best plugin I came across so far.

I’d check out the thread as it doesn’t require regex and is therefore easier in the no-code environment. I personally have no idea what is going on with regex.

@abaudin Does this not work for you?


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Hello @romanmg
Yes It’s Ok …

I am ashamed :wink: