Pie Chart from Three Columns

Dear All,

I am trying to create a Pie Chart from just three Fields.

I have Database structured as shown in the following image which has three columns (1) Tower Area Construction Cost (2) Podium Construction Cost (3) Parking System Cost.
These fields are generated by the user input using multiplication formula of (Area x Rate)

I have tried the following ways to create pie chart -

  1. I have selected “do a Serch for” in my thing called “Expenses” where these columns are located. without giving any constraints

So Preview looks like the following image

So it Looks like only first column value is used in Pie chart i.e Tower Construction cost.

  1. In the second exploration, I tried giving constraints of all columns in “do a Serch for” in my thing called “Expenses” but still of no use. Image attached for reference.

The preview is seen below

I just need to extract those three values from Database & Generate Pie Chart out of it.

All the values are Numeric and not the Text Field so I still don’t know how to create Tooltip & legend.

Looking urgently for some Help. !!


Hi @adityacc06 – what Bubble element are you using for your Pie Chart in the screenshots?


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