Warning: Suspected Phishing Site Ahead!

Umm… Not really sure what’s been going on, but it seems like Cloudflare has just marked both Bubble and the forum as phishing sites.

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I got it too and my version-test app is down

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The app I’m working on won’t load, either. Is it the same for you, @pachocastillosr? I’m getting the following error message:

Your browser was unable to load the application data. We’ve been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure not to use ad-blockers.

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Yes, the test version, live version is running ok

Huh, interesting… Neither one works for me. :thinking:

same issues here. dev is down. bubble site is flagged by cloudflare.

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update: my live site is down too.

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These repeated issues are getting me worried about Bubble’s long-term viability. Past few weeks have been messy - usually with the editor. But my main app being down? That’s just horrible.


i agree, bubble really needs to scale up. for a service that charges $30+ a month for hosting, this is extremely disappointing.

Might not be their fault this time:

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Aaaand it’s back!

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