Place a limit on the items returned for repeating group


I have a repeating group that returns all posts from my database. How do I place a limit on the number of items returned? For example, I want this repeating group to only show the first 4 posts to display on the index page. I did not see any options under constraints.

Thanks Oliver

You can use the filtering in the data source section.

Please see the attached image.


Awesome. Thank you very much!

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Repeating Groups have a pagination mode. You could also “Do a Search for… :items through #”.

Sounds like you need some general guidance on Repeating Groups. I have an excellent set of videos on this starting here, in my thread about my awesome plugin List Shifter. (Pro tip: There are zillions of great tips in here that have nothing to do with my plugin and watching me Bubble will – almost by osmosis – make you a better Bubbler.)

Check it out here and following:



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