Placement of groups don't make sense on preview

I’ve never come across this issue before so I’m wondering if it’s a bug. But just in the past day or two, I’ve been trying to place my groups in certain spots on the canvas and it shows on the frontend in a completely different spot. Centering groups is also not working at all. I center them horizontally on the page, and it shows up all the way to the left.

I’m on a 4K iMac.

Thanks for any help!

Take a look:


Bubble provides us with a blank canvas. Other platforms come with some foundational structure that comes by default.

Laying out elements on the page is the natural thing to do when given a blank canvas. If you group some of them and manage the width (and other settings of this new group element) you will see a different behavior closer than what you expect.

Managing responsiveness in Bubble is about creating a structure for your page first so that things work as expected. Not that hard to do once you become familiar with some needed concepts on how to do it.

Here a long chat but full of gold nuggets. It may be worth your while taking a peek :grinning: