Plaid not working in Live version

I am currently using the Plaid plugin by Copilot (Plaid Plugin | Bubble), and when I test it in development, everything works great. However, when I try it in Live, Plaid can return the balance of the account, but the backend workflow for returning past transactions doesn’t work. There shouldn’t be any difference between the live and development environments, so I have no clue what the problem could be. I even copied the live database into development, but still development worked and live didnt.

Could you provide any screenshots of the server logs?

I remember that in some actions of this plugin the manufacturer doesn’t put the header ‘Content-Type’ = ‘application/json’ in the API call. Probably, the action that you use has the same issue. You could verify it by adding a custom API call that gets the balance in API Connector. Let me know if you need help initializing it.

Thank you so much for the help!

I’m definitely open to trying to add a custom API call, but I don’t really see how that would solve the problem. Since I cant make changes to the live mode, I would have to add the change to the development mode then push it to live mode, although it already works perfectly in development. But if you think it would help, I can go ahead and try it. I haven’t used custom API calls before, so I can try to learn about it on my own first, but I appreciate the offer for help!

Here are the screenshots of the logs when I connect a Plaid bank account. It doesn’t look like the back end workflows are happening for creating a transaction.

Sorry for the lack.

Can you get the balance, not on the back end but in the text element on a page? If yes, verify the triggering conditions for the back end events.

Here’s a good advice: change your Plaid keys because they are visible on the screenshots.