Plaid integration - Copilot plugin


I have some misunderstanding regarding the plaid integration plugin by @copilot .
I have set the client ID and secret key related to development in the plugin installed.

Now when setting in the workflow the “Get bank account with plaid”, I tried to set the token link to but when testing in preview mode, nothing happen.

Does anyone know if the link token is correct or if an other setting is to do ?

Thanh you.


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I believe that I’m having the same issue as well with the Plaid plugin. They are supposed to be updating the Plaid integration tutorial soon I believe.

Do you have any idea when ? Hope soon.

Hi there! I worked through this last night and while it’s not in the tutorial, the workflow is consistent with the Plaid API docs.

You need to set up Step 1 as “Plaid - Create Link Token”, and then pass that link token to the “Get Bank Account With Plaid A” step.

Hey @timkeen when you do this, do you see the “select account” modal? For me it goes straight to “successfully linked” screen, and I never get to choose an account.

Oh weird. I would maybe try in incognito or clear your cache? Honestly not sure but sounds like Plaid has already verified the connection.

thank you for your help. I have now a problem when trying to call the API :

I set the he first step

And second
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Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem ?

Thank you very much.


@cesar.cretel did you ever get this figured out? I am receiving the same error as you!

I ended up booking a session with Copilot and it was extremely helpful. A couple of things have changed since their first video and I was new enough that I couldn’t figure it out on my own.

I have the same problem. did you ever get this figured out?

@mckayprestwich do you please care to share the solution? My the workflow is unable to create the Link Token although I have all valid details in there. This will help me a lot. :pray:t4:

This is how my setup looks like