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Hey all,

In the past I have been able to successfully connect to the Plaid plugin and retrieve balance and transaction information, but recently every time I try to run through the same procedures I receive the following error message:

Nothing changed within my workflow or API workflows, so I’m confused as to what may have caused this all of sudden. I researched the issue and Plaids says that Link must launched in update mode but I’m not sure how to do that via the Bubble plugin. The screenshot below is what Plaid has on their site in regards to the update mode:

Here is my workflow:

Let me know if there is any other information I can provide. I greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

Hey @stefon,

You can find the Update bank account with Plaid action in Workflows > Element Actions. :+1:

Hey, thanks for your response!

At which point in the workflow should the Update bank account with Plaid action be used?

You actually wouldn’t use it in the event you are showing. It is used instead of connecting to a bank. It triggers the login process with plaid, but instead of creating a new plaid item, it just updates the existing credentials.

Hey @mebeingken,

Should I keep the event workflow I posted the same? Also, does the update option replace the Get bank account with Plaid event totally? (see below)

Thanks for your help.

Hi @stefon.

Yes, keep your new bank connecting workflows the same, both for triggering the process (Get bank account with Plaid) and the When Plaid A token has been created.

For updating you will have a very similar but distinct flow: Create a workflow that triggers Update bank account with Plaid, and then you will need a new event When Plaid A token has been updated.

Hey @mebeingken,

Here is my current workflow:

It brings up Plaid, allows me to sign-in, and shows the following success screen:

To test if it worked, I created a workflow for the event ‘Plaid A account has been updated’ to redirect to a different page. However, once hitting the continue button in the above screenshot, it just goes back to the page where Plaid was originally launched. I’m assuming this means the account wasn’t updated? (see below)

I added in the workflows from my original post to test it as well and received the same error message.

When you trigger the Update bank account with Plaid action, it requires you to pass to it the plaid item you are updating. It will normally do one of two things: a) prompt the user to re-enter their credentials, or b) give the user the screen you are seeing above, which is saying, “No need to update, we’re already connected.”

To test this in the sandbox, you can post the following (example using postman) to plaid to simulate an item needing updating.

Once this has been done, you can trigger the update process in Bubble and you should be prompted for username and password again.

Hey @mebeingken,

When trying to setup the call in Bubble’s API connector, I kept receiving a very similar error message. The call and error message are below:

Any idea on what I should do?

I also want to make sure I understood your post. I know you said since I received the ‘success’ message from the bank login that it meant it was no need to update and it was already connected. This being the case, any reason the Plaid A account has been updated event wouldn’t set off the corresponding action?

I apologize for so many questions, but I very much appreciate all your help

re your screenshot: I want to first make sure I’m clear that this is just a simulation piece for testing, and not something that would be part of the normal workflow…that is why I use postman, not bubble. That being said, that response is trying to tell you that this item already has the Item_login_required flag set. If an item is in a valid state, the response to you changing that state would look like this:

"request_id": "8Q1CcdbOzedztPH",
"reset_login": true

re: success message: If the account was already in a valid state, then the updated event would not fire, because nothing was actually updated. I’ve never tried to take any action after this because the plaid messaging already let’s the user know what happened so I just let it close and move on. If you need to do something based on this state, I think it will get a little complicated. There is an event for the event that triggers if the update failed, but I don’t believe that fires either…but there is an event that triggers when the plaid modal is displayed. Depending on what you are trying to do, that might help you get there. For example, you schedule a workflow for the future when the modal opens and then cancel that scheduled workflow if the updated event fires. Really depends on what you are trying to do, but without an event on “no need to update” its not going to be simple.

I think I would just not let people do an update, if their account is in already in valid state and avoid it altogether. Because plaid sends a webhook when the item goes into an invalid state, you can keep track of it all.

@mebeingken after they login to update their bank account do we need to update the plaid item access token, or account tokens or anything. Meaning, do I need to update any stored Bubble data from the update or is just the update plaid account workflow enough?

Nope. The access token does not change on update. Because the need to update is typically triggered by a webhook event, you might have an internal flag to reset after the update is successfully done though.

Sorry, what exactly do you mean by internal flag to reset?

It might not apply to you. Here is what I do… Webhook is sent by plaid when an item needs updating. I set a flag (just a field alongside the plaid items details) indicating the item needs updating. In the user interface, I notify the user they need to update. After they update, I reset that field back to normal (null, or no for a Boolean, or whatever you might use.)

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