Plans for open source

Is there any plans to open source bubble?

The only thing I’ve read from the Bubble team regarding going open source stated that if Bubble as a company were to ever close its doors they would open source some or all of the core code in order to allow people to set up their own server infrastructure in order to continue running their Bubble apps. I’m sure that wouldn’t be an easy task for most Bubblers, and hopefully it never comes to that! #Bubble4Life :smile: That said, who knows if this is still part of their plans going forward, as they are a business and may change their minds or update their ToS any time. See current terms here

Doesn’t seem like they aren’t headed the open source direction. They seem to want to own the core platform (so they can charge money for usage) and then build a robust set of open source plugins and capabilities on top of that.

That’s what I’d do if I were them. And, as a customer, I’m happy with that too.