Are there any news from Bubble on open source migrations?

Hi guys, sorry for refloating this topic but, are there any news about Bubble’s intention to work on this Open Source migration?

Thank you!

I’d prefer that they don’t shut down. Bubble seems rather strong so I’m not too worried about it anytime soon.

They’ll never go open source. Don’t expect that ever. If Bubble goes down, they sold it to someone else. Too much money involved now.

EDIT: Holy crap you revived a 7 year old topic. Jeepers.

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@pablo.r I split your question into a new topic to avoid reviving a very old topic

Bubble made it pretty clear last year during BubbleCon 23 that the short is:

“No” - Josh

I shared with a timestamp, but this is discussed at 27:40

Thank you guys, didn’t know it was that pain in the ass to revive an old post :grin:

It is perfectly explained in the timestap @draked123 sent. Hope it helps anyone else!

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