Play Audio from database

Hey there,

I want to add audiofiles to my database. On my page if the user clicks on a button it should play a specific audio from the database. Now I added the howler plugin to play the audio but even when I try to manually upload a static audio file to the howler element nothing is shown on my site when i test it and also no sound is played. Does somebody know what the problem is?
ty in advance!

It is supposed to be invisible.

You should play the sound with a workflow action after setting the static or dynamic link. I wouldn’t show the sound but you can see from the equalizer that it is playing when I press play:

And here is the howler:

And here is the workflow:

If you want to check the whole example: Tests for Forum 10 | Bubble Editor

Ah okay thank you! Is it possible to get a visual player with howler?

That I dont know.