Please add feature for invalidating input on conditional field

Hi Team,

I am using RegEx to validate form input. It works good to let the user know there is some problem with the field, but doesn’t seem to have an option to actually declare the input is invalid as a conditional option.

This to me would be a required option since input validation/security is important on any web app. People will fuzz all inputs and put all kinds of things into your db.

If I missed some way to do this, please let know.



In regards to security validation, bubble does have a setting to validate passwords, located in general settings.

Ya sorry, we aren’t talking about Passwords. We are talking about Input validation. 2 different things.

Oh no, I understand that, but you mentioned that validation was important for security, and well they offer password validation, apart from that there’s not a huge need for input validation.

Oh mate, you need to do some study on website security. Basically any input field on a website, not just passwords, can be used to inject harmful code and hack a system. That is why Input validation is important, to make sure you get the properly validated data before you pass it to the system, not withstanding just getting data you might not have expected.

As an example, you forget to add a max string length validator to a text field, and someone performs a buffer overflow since not enough memory was allocated and everything on the tail of that string is then injected into memory. With proper heap spray you can redirect pointers to execute that code and take a system over.

Be extra vigilant. Go take some pen testing courses and you’ll be amazed at what goes on.

To any devs, I hope this can be added as a feature.

Take care!

Was there a resolution to this? Is there a way to invalidate an input according to its value?

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