Set "valid" property for conditions

When trying to do custom form validation, I wanted to prevent PO Boxes from being submitted. I have the regular expression I need and I can set a condition to change the style of the field to match an invalid input and THEN I can write a workflow that does the exact same checking and not submit the form, but it would be so much easier if in the condition I could just mark the input Invalid. Then all the built in Bubble logic would kick in, the field would be outlined in red and the submission wouldn’t work.

So my request/idea is to allow setting an input to be invalid in a condition.



Agreed. There are instances where it’d be nice to be able to create custom logic for what’s valid, and using conditions seems intuitive to me.


+1 for this idea. Would love to define something as invalid using conditions, so I can take advantage of the built-in “isn’t valid” workflow.

+1 For this idea, would be super nice to set what conditions are invalid.

This one gets my +1 too.

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