New state for inputs 'set input as invalid'

This would be a checkbox on the input along with exposing a state on the input, so we can change conditionally e.g. When this input doesn’t contain ‘https’ > set input as invalid = true or When this input doesn’t contain ‘current users full name’ > set input as invalid = true.

This would save having multiple conditions on workflows and just result in using the ‘only when input x is valid’. This way a input can have all the validation on the element in the conditions and saves having to hack using a variable group of yes/no result.



I also would like to “manually set a field as invalid”. My case is, if the user only types spaces as a response, flag as “still invalid”. Users can defeat the required flag with blank spaces. Not good.

Just seeing if anything ever came of this? I would like to be able to set the input field as invalid as well

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As far as I know, no. You have to do a special manual check of the field where you use a conditional to check the length of a “trimmed” version of the field and set the target button or whatever as “can be clicked = false” and set the colors on the field itself.