Please help creating progress bar for each team user

Hi bubblers,

This is my first app and I am having troubles creating a progress bar for each of the users I have in my DB.

To be more specific, I want to show the culmination percentage for the total tasks each user has assigned.

  • What I do here is that I ‘do a search for Tasks’ and use the operator ‘:count’ to get a number.

-Then I ‘add a constraint’ so that the only tasks showed in the ‘search for’ are the ones marked with an icon in the RP as ‘finished’.

  • Finally, I divide the number I get here per the total number of tasks assigned to the user with a ‘search for:count’ without the constraint

Unfortunately, I get just the result for the whole tasks in the DB, but not for each of the team user in that DB.

I really appreciate your help in advance!

I have actually whatched that exactly video to create the formula, but I want to do it per user. So that I get something like this

Think through the dB model … it may not be suited to do what you need

Something like this should work:

name (text)

name (text)
status (options set: not started | started | underway | finished)
user (user)

search for tasks with constraints for each of the statuses and getting their counts should get you what you need

Depending on number of tasks you may find it better to Do a search for Tasks, store it in a hidden RG, and within the RG, reference the hidden RG:filtered to only the current user. Otherwise you’re having two searches per cell. In theory this would make there be only one search for the Tasks and then it’s filtered client side for each cell, which would, in theory, save WU. Of course, nothing is what it seems with WU so maybe I’m way off.

From what I see, your do a search fors doesnt take a user into account. You should also add constraint for each of the search to be either created by or owned by (whatever some field connects a task to the user).

Specifically, contraints should be aiming the current cell’s user into account.