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How to link a progress bar to a specific user?

I am creating a website similar to coursera or doulingo. However I don’t know how to link a progress bar to the user. I created some variables within the user data, however, I can’t get the progress bar to show the progress when a task has been completed.

The progress bar simply takes a number between 0-100 and displays it on screen as the percentage, so it’s up to you to determine what their current progress is.

Typically you would have some kind of Lesson datatype containing the course material. Then another datatype Answer, with a field for Lesson (Lesson), User (User), isComplete (yes/no).

Then to determine their progress Search for Answers constraintsUser = Current user and isComplete = yes then after the search do :count then divide by Search for Lessons:count

So you are getting the count of completed answers / count of lessons