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Hi all,

I am in the final stages of preparing to launch my long time pet project (We.Fan) that I’ve been at for a little over a year. I have 3 different landing page options and would please love some feedback on which one you think is best (and why if you have a minute). All I’ll say about the app is that it is for sports fans and I’ll let the pages do the rest of the explaining.

A few notes:

  • The pages are not optimized for mobile (see discussion in the thread for reasoning).
  • All the workflows have been disabled with the exception of the hovers.
  • Option 1 and 2 are the same, except option 1 doesn’t have the main background image. Option 3 is a completely different approach.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

  • Option 1 - Vertical scroll no image
  • Option 2 - Vertical scroll with image
  • Option 3 - Hover features

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I’d also love general feedback on any issues you find and any other thoughts (such as the pricing model).

Thanks a mil in advance.

Awesome app idea, @SerPounce, and it’s option 1 all the way for me. I like the fact that the trophy logo (sweet design, by the way) is more prominent in option 1, and I found the image in option 2 to be a bit distracting. I do like the simplicity of option 3, but the hover is not apparent, so you kind of have to stumble upon it.

I think a general comment you might get is that the font is too small in a lot of places. I don’t really have a problem with it, but I can see folks calling that out.

The pricing model seems like a great place to start. I can get a good taste with two teams for free, and then only a few bucks a month for unlimited teams… yeah, I wouldn’t bat an eye at that.

Looking great, friend, and congrats on getting ready to launch!


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@mikeloc, thanks so much for taking the time and providing all that feedback. I’ll see if I do get that call out on the font size and adjust if needed. Interesting perspective on the distraction of the image… I’ll see if others point that out as well.


Hey there!

I was checking it out on my phone but I think your responsive settings are not set yet. According to CNBC almost 3/4 of people will be using their mobile phones to surf the internet by 2025. If it were my project and it wasn’t just for internal purposes only, I would suggest spending some time on responsiveness before launching.

Keep up the good work! You are almost there! :+1:

I hope that helps. :blush:

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Shoot! Thanks for that feedback @J805. I made a decision a few months ago to focus solely on the web app and handle responsive post launch based on need. With sports being shut down currently, the use case of being at a stadium / pub seemed far reduced.

But thanks again for the crucial reminder to at least provide the user with a response directing them to web. and I definitely agree with you that irrespective of status of the games, if the app is going to be successful it ultimately needs to be responsive.

pas mal

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I encourage you to get an MVP deployed, expect a bit of feedback from users on a mobile version, let them know it’s in the works. I encourage people to “get it out there”, then let the masses help you drive the balance. Great job!

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Thanks @curt.rice, and totally agree with pushing to get something out there. I de-prioritized mobile for the reasons I mentioned above, but am also very aware that mobile will be necessary if the app is to be successful in the long run.

Looks great! Definitely a service I could see people getting behind. I love the competitiveness associated with getting fan points for more accurate predictions.

In terms of looks my vote goes to option 1. I’d have to agree with Mike that option 2 background did feel distracting (maybe only because its a white box on a primarily white background?). I also liked option 3, my only issue was that a few of the screenshots shown when hovered felt hard to see.

Looking forward to the launch though! Will definitely share with friends

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Thank you @jakob.larsen19 for the positive feedback and for providing your perspective. Initially the vertical scroll with the image gained most of the votes, but now its close to even.

I also really appreciate that you will share with your friends after launch. Getting close now… Probably looking at beta release within a week.

@SerPounce thanks again for your help on my website today! I like the second landing page the best. It’s a looks more interesting with the photo you have selected. I also like that it has slightly larger text.

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How did I not see this before? I’d personally go with Option 2:

  • I liked Option 1 best at first, but when compared with Option 2, it seems like something is missing. The background image in Option 2 adds a bit of visual content that I feel is more welcoming to the user. Might be solved by increasing the We.Fan Beta group’s content font size imo
  • Both features + pricing in Option 1 and 2 are very well exposed, very clean UI, super easy to understand
  • Option 3 is really creative, although as Mike pointed out I did not see the hover content right away

Congrats on all the work you must have put into this!

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Thanks so much for the awesome feedback @ambroisedlg.

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My pleasure. Glad I could help out. All the best for your project as well.

none of the options are working today

Ah so sorry I have taken down the options as we have moved forward with the finalized design. Thanks so much for trying to check it out and sorry for wasting your time on that.

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no woz, i just left a comment for the next guy :v:

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