Pls fix the bug in your hamburger menu plugin built by bubble

pls fix the bug in your hamburger menu plugin built by bubble. It’s not working accurately. I cant scroll it down it’s closing immediately every time I touch it.

I’ve used in in several projects, and never experienced any problems. It’s hard to see what’s wrong with that description alone.

Best thing would be to share your app and see if any members here can catch something. If you still think it’s a bug (which is possible of course), report it to Bubble with a link to your app, and they will help you out.

@petter I’ve read that some of the people also experiencing the same issue and some are not. But thank you for giving me the link sir, Sure I will report this to bubble just can’t figure out how to.

No worries, hope you’re able to solve it.

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if its using the mobile menu with a list of menu items while the device is in landscape…not all items in the menu are visible and you cant scroll…mostly users tend to use their device in portrait…or use a repeat group as the menu…plenty of trends on that topic. or use the mobile menu from @levon i tried that and solves the issue if its the same as yours.