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PLS HELP! Conditional Logic- Validate if a Data Type's thing, is also in another Data type's thing

Hello everyone!

Maybe you may help me with the logic here to make it the most straightforward possible.

I have a data type Albums, where some albums are private. The only way to get access to them is thru having an active Membership where are stored as a List in the User type

So the conditional I want to make “clickable” for example, a group IF the user contains at least 1 of the Memberships that are stored inside the Alsbum’s Memberships (memeberships are the same data type in user and in albums (and in both are a list)

Any ideas on how to make the easiest way possible to make clickable, viewable and available in workflows the albums, of users ONLY when the current user has at least 1 membership listed in the album’s required memberships

Thank you for your time!

Try :intersects with operator after selecting your first list.


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