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Plug-in + Conditional Circular Reference Issue [Bug #8580]

I’ve already submitted bug #8580 but am posting here for the benefit of others…

The issue is described on the app page which demonstrates it.

Hey @shot, I think your demo plugin is set to private or something? (I got permission error when following the link to it?)

Yeah, the plug-in itself is unpublished. It’s there for the benefit of the Bubble team. The app page demonstrating the issue, however, is viewable by all. FYI, all the plug-in contains is a single state and a single action referencing it.

The code never actually gets run. Simply having that publishState() call in the action’s function definition causes the browser errors.

EDIT: I did just update the link to go to the page editor instead of the page itself. Sorry 'bout that. :neutral_face:

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