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Encode/Decode/Encrypt/Decrypt - Site

  1. Added HMAC-SHA1.
  2. Added HMAC-SHA256.
  3. Added URL Encoding.
  4. Added Escaping.
  5. Added HS265 JWT, eg. base64Header.base64Payload.base64Signature.
  6. Added Convert Action With HEX --> BASE64 function.

Offline Alert - Site

  1. Performance Enhancements.
  2. Added Some New Styles

click send Done Right - Site

  1. Added Email (both simple & advanced)

Smoothie, Real time Charting - Site

  1. added Min/Max Valules
  2. added Min/Max Range
  3. added Chart Speed

FullScreenIt - Site
Give your elements, maps & other goodies full screen ability or even the whole page.

PanaRific - Site
Makes images appear to have no end.

Google Drive (Service Account Version) - Site
Push files, Make Folders & More all using a JWT.

Google Drive for OAuth - Site
Push files, Make Folders & More all using your Users Drive Account.

About a GIF - Site
Use your Webcam, a Video or Still Images with Filter Effects (Raw, as in Blur, Sepia, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Opacity and more) & Text to create GIF’s - options are endless from a laugh to serious ID Capturing or Clip/Image Editing.

Image Placeholder - Site
Add your own images/photos to fields & inputs.

Gmail - Site
Updated to new V2 User Endpoint.

Vehicle V.I.N, Model & Make - Site
Decode V.I.N’s, Get Make, Model & Manufacturer information.

Keep your eyes out for a hand full of other’s nearly out of testing - Some more first’s to bubble .
In case you have not made it over to our website lately, here is a bit of a look,


Jarrad you’re the man bro!



added the following status outputs:

User Cancelled, No Credentials Available, Request Failed, 
Operation Cancelled, Illegal Concurrent Request, Initialization Error, Config Error.

This gives you the insights you need to show the old backup google sign in form on events such as No Credentials Available.

I have also prepared the plugin for other authentication providers (even your own apps), As Google allow these providers to start using One-Tap for authentication I will add them as options in the plugin.

Only just hearing about Google One Tap? check out the demo here.


Free OCR Service

Updated so Text Lines are now accessible.

@gilles, This should solve your issue. cheers.

Google Drive

Updated to use new Auth/Token/User Endpoints.

Gmail - Small Business

Updated to use new Auth/Token/User Endpoints.

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Google Drive

Added Save to Drive Element -



Controlled By Voice - new

Help Guide -

Give your app ears! Capture Words or Sentences then use them to perform actions or anything else in your Bubble app. The ability to get the spoken words back as a sentence or individual words in a list including possible words spoken means you can start to build your own learning & the ability to set the language makes this plugin a global addition. - get it here.


Mousey - Mousey is now --> End User Controls

All previous functionality is still available but now using the same element you can,

Make a list of elements and simultaneously enable/disable dragging without a draggable element wrapper.

Make a list of elements and simultaneously move them to an X,Y over time.


Query any Element’s X,Y Position using its ID.


A few extra states,


Current moving element’s position is now always live, including the original 4 elements per plugin element, per page.

More to come…


This thread is a Bubbler’s wet dream…


click send Done Right.

  • Added Send Fax.
  • Added Send Fax Advanced.
  • Added Upload File (can be used with Fax, MMS, CSV & Post).

@OnDemandCloner - this should get you going. cheers


-New Plugin-
App Visit Investigator - Available here, & the Commercial Store.

An easy Method of Determining if a Browser has visited your app before.


Smoothie Charts

New Demo to Have a Peek at - Here. Just mess with the slider and watch the page come to life.

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Bulk Google GeoCoding - The fastest way to Geo Code by far.

Click here & try it for yourself.



Bing Search with Spellcheck - Free

News, General Search, Images, Videos & Spellcheck.

Grab Your API Key from here,

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CSS Tools

  • Added get browser information:
    Get UserAgent,
    Get Platform,
    Get oscpu.

@mente12 - This should help you out :slight_smile:


-New Free Plugin-
Console (Diagnostic Tool)

Write to the console as a string:

as an Error:

or as a Table:

get fancy:

Also clear console.

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Wonderful, I’ll test it out.

Thanks… What do I use for Unique ID?

Your instruction below:

Place the element on your page to allow your element actions.

Fire actions to adjust element heights and width, or use the element to fire height or width changes until done giving you the ability to stop the trigger.

Add custom styles to your pages head tags.

Just place any unique value in there, its so when used in a repeating group you can assign the id and include the current cells index so there are no conflicts yet you still know the id.