Plugin Actions - Server Side - Field Structures

Experienced programmer, new to Bubble, and creating a Server Side Plugin Action to use within Workflows.

I’m looking for documentation on the JSON data structures for the Fields when made available to the Action code via the property object. Most interested in looking to understand what the data structure looks like for type “any thing” and “array of keys / values”

I understand the concepts fine. My code also functions fine when I pass information via simple Static text fields and access via property["fieldName"]. But the code fails when I try to access data via the property object in my javascript for anything more complex (things, key value pairs, etc) because I’m guessing at how it’s structured.

I’m just looking for a simple document that shows examples of how the data is structured for these various types in the property object… :pensive:

Here’s the use case:

  1. I have a Data Type created for a Book, with two properties: Title and Author.
  2. My Server Side Plugin Action has a Field “Input” set to type “any thing”
  3. My code calls var input = property["Input"] to get the value passed in

At this point I’m guessing how input is structured. The server logs print values, but doesn’t give me a straight JSON view of how it’s structured.

Is this documented anywhere? Can anyone explain the JSON data structure? Thank you in advance! :pray: