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[PLUGIN] Better, Faster, Stronger, Flexible Tinder Swipe Plugin

Hello Bubblers!

I’m very excited about this plugin! Believe it was manufactured with a lot of effort, time and patience!

Edit: Video Added

How is this plugin different from Bubble’s original plugin Tinder Pile?

Very, very much!


You can use 4 text fields!

  • In short, you can use four different pieces of information such as name, gender, location and age! And it’s all in sync with the image, no more lag!

No need for custom CSS!

  • You can adjust the plugin height with an action. We know firsthand that it’s a great solution for native applications :slight_smile:

You can easily manipulate the plugin data!

  • Yes, you can add just one card to the deck, completely change the plugin data source or add a list to the plugin data, clear all data, or change the next card’s information without the user seeing it. (Ideal for ads, campaigns or small changes in different languages)

Are all the cards in the deck gone?

  • Trigger an action, redirect to a different page or offer something!

Change the style of the text on each line!

  • Intervene separately on 4 text slot and shape each according to your needs.

Do you want to prevent the card from being swiped?

  • Lock it or unlock it and keep it going. This can be great for survey apps.

Start creating amazing things!



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Well done

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Cool Plugin !