[PLUGIN] Better, Faster, Stronger, Flexible Tinder Swipe Plugin

Hello Bubblers!

I’m very excited about this plugin! Believe it was manufactured with a lot of effort, time and patience!

Edit: Video Added

How is this plugin different from Bubble’s original plugin Tinder Pile?

Very, very much!


You can use 4 text fields!

  • In short, you can use four different pieces of information such as name, gender, location and age! And it’s all in sync with the image, no more lag!

No need for custom CSS!

  • You can adjust the plugin height with an action. We know firsthand that it’s a great solution for native applications :slight_smile:

You can easily manipulate the plugin data!

  • Yes, you can add just one card to the deck, completely change the plugin data source or add a list to the plugin data, clear all data, or change the next card’s information without the user seeing it. (Ideal for ads, campaigns or small changes in different languages)

Are all the cards in the deck gone?

  • Trigger an action, redirect to a different page or offer something!

Change the style of the text on each line!

  • Intervene separately on 4 text slot and shape each according to your needs.

Do you want to prevent the card from being swiped?

  • Lock it or unlock it and keep it going. This can be great for survey apps.

Start creating amazing things!



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Well done

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Cool Plugin !

Thanks for this nice plugin !
Please i have some trouble, when I “Set Data source” on page load, to the Tinderswipe A, it only load 2 cards from the Data base and it turn indefinitely.
Any tips to correct it please ?

Hello @michel1 ,

After swiping right or left, you should use the action called “next tinder swipe”.


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Perfect ! Thanks

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This plugin is compatible with wordpress, right ?

Hi @eren , I just bought your Tinder Swipe plugin. And it works really good.
I only have a problem with changing the look of the text onto of the cards.
The letters always have a black outline. How can I get rid of the black outline or how can I add custom dynamic text on top of your Tinder cards? Is it possible?


If you add the following CSS code inside an HTML element, you can change the shadow as you wish.

4px(horizontal offset), 4px (vertical offset) and #FF0000 (hex code of color) respectively

Unfortunately you cannot get the text to the top of the card.


.tinder-card .tinder-image .text-container p{
    text-shadow: 4px 4px #FF0000;
} </style>     

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other problems.


Amazing !!!

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@eren is it possible to have a placeholder image when the input is empty? In my case people are swiping and at one point the pile is empty. I am already showing a pop up at the end, but when the user reload the page they just see the white screen where your swipe window is place. I can’t overlay your swipe window thats why I am asking.
It would be great to be able to place a default image when the pile is empty or even better make your swipe transparent at this stage.

Hello again,

When the cards are finished, you can show the user the image you want by adding a card that will act as a single placeholder.


Eern, can we change the image display contents so it has the options to (stretch, resize, fit) the image in the current set height dimensions? Also are we able to set the image width?

Hello folks,

I noticed that the preview link is broken; you can find it here.


@eren I’m facing this same problem. image cannot be centered. I think this changed with the flexbox engine. There’s are no options for stretch, resize or fit for images in the swipe pile.

Hey Bubblers, the good news is here :star2:

Earlier this plugin was acquired by Rapid Dev Agency and already passed through a series of improvement updates.

Yesterday, we pushed one more plugin update, which fixed a few earlier reported compatibility issues, adapted to the new responsive, and added the option of image filling (original/normal aspect ratio).

Please update your plugin and try it out!

Of course, if you will have any questions or suggestions about our plugin, drop us a message :wink:

Rapid Dev Support Team

Hey! This plugin is great but it’s a bit of a struggle to implement good filtering workflows. Is there any plan to add a workflow action to remove a card or list of cards? It would make filtering out users who don’t match certain criteria more user friendly. As opposed to adding only a few first and then adding more cards :woman_shrugging:

Hi @russo.amelie, thanks for your message and appreciation.

The plugin is designed mostly for image display, and regretfully can support limited filtering conditions. The best option for this might be to source the plugin with already filtered (in database) images.

But, we also added your suggestion to the plugin improvements plan. The developer team will check how feasible would be to add it in following updates.

For guidance on plugin setup, we added also a demo page: Tinderswipe-nw | Bubble Editor

In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything else that we can help with about our plugin.

Rapid Dev Support Team

Thanks for your reply and for adding my suggestion to your backlog :wink:

I’ve managed to implement filtering if it helps anyone:

  • My users have 3 filters (toggles Y/N) available to them to set their preferences on people they’re hoping to meet (i.e. Near Me, People with the same interests)
  • I’ve used multiple ‘set data source a tinder swipe’ steps in my workflow for each possible combination of filters (including none or all filters applied). They each have only when conditions with the filter toggles values.

This ensures users don’t get duplicates, which they would if I’d used ‘add list of cards’ to expand their pool of potential matches.

I think having an option to ‘remove a list of cards’ would be an awesome addition to the plugin to allow more interesting matching logic which would make the experience for users more personalised.

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Hi @russo.amelie, a bit late but still might be useful, here is the developer team feedback:

We have 3 actions to set data for the swiper: “Add a Card, Add a list of cards, and Set source data”.
The first 2 allow to add the cards continuously to the swiper and 3rd one “Set source data“ can be used for the case that was mentioned earlier “remove a card or a list of cards to filter out unwanted cards” so in this case this action is used.
First of all, we sort what cards we want to show, by using the “Set source Data” and then we use other two actions “Add a card“ or “Add a list of cards“.

Thus, there is no remove card action in the plugin. because this scenario is covered by the “Set source data“ action).

Hope this feedback helps in a way.

If there is anything else that we can help with, please let us know.

Rapid Dev Support Team