Where is the documentatioin for writing plugins

I have searched the net and also the documenttion and the forum., but I cannot find any info of how you would write a plugin (as per zeroqode) and install it in your bubble account. Is this information available to the “great unwashed” or only to agencies?

Kindest Regards Lagi

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I agree there needs to be more tutorials on how to create these! This is the best tutorial Ive found even though its a tutorial on how to create an icon but at least you get to see how some of the inner working get done, best I could find.

There defiantly should be more of these types, because I can understand some javascript but formatting in a way to make the element in bubble has been a mystery until I seen this.


Yes - the Bubble.io documentation is pitiful on how to build plugin. :slight_smile: However this is great - @vini_brito

I discovered Vini’s book/course materials after months of frustrating figuring it out myself. Save yourself months of pain and get this book/course is my recommendation. Good luck!

No I don’t get a kick-back :slight_smile: - I just like Vini’s stuff.


I love learning pains and would probably rather struggle for months and hope someone is kind enough to share… maybe bubble might be able to put something on their to do list in the not so distant future?

I appreciate the link/advice if months turn into years.

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I get what you mean - the satisfaction of figuring it out yourself - :slight_smile: The way I taught myself, in the beginning, was looking at other plugins, the opensource license ones where you can see the code - studied them and figured out how they were put together.


@lindsay_knowcode That’s a pretty good idea, I’ll check out some open source ones, I had no idea they could reveal the code, really appreciate that tip :smiley:


Thank you to all who responded. I will definitely be purchasing Vini’s book once I have created a couple of apps that I know can be done without “real programming”. :wink:

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Wouldn’t matter if there was a kickback - If the product is good an affiliate code doesn’t bother me, it’s when a product is suggested over others because “ the kickback” is greater that I don’t like. Thanks again for that that


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I have recently launched the course on “Learn Bubble Plugin Development”- that start from very basics like what is public page and go in depth how can you use code to build the plugin.

GO checkout-