Plugin doesn't work in the repeating group

Hey @jarrad ,
any idea why would a plugin wouldn’t work in the repeating group while it does outside of it?
if this is too vague, I’ll ask our dev to give some details, but as far as I remember it was something about assigning IDs for the elements which was causing the issue rendering the element correctly.
Thanks in advance!

hey mate there could be a few reasons it depends on the way the code references the element. is it a published plugin? there have been a few instances of this popping up during today I will create a little rip off version of my detection element and see what I can achieve with that. I have been meaning to do this even for other tasks like drop sorting and other parts that cant be referenced the way it is. I will go have a quick look now though and see what I can do.

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Thanks a lot, Jarrad! It’s not yet published, we need to figure out this repeating group issue before publishing it.
but we basicallly used this library to build the plugin. All works fine ouside the repeating group, but not inside of it.
I appreciate all support!

Man I really did think this issue was going to suck to get around but it turns out the very thing me and Emmanuel were just discussing regrading my use of ID’s in my plugins is what will save it for the knob I know at least.

with these elelment plugins (I’m assuming its something like this your having issues with) we are creating an element inside of a bubble container so when we append out element out that’s where it sticks, I don’t know if you have noticed but this is the reason that slide menus and what not have invisible ui wrecking force fields around them, so you end up getting what your appended parent in your sights and fire a shrink ya bugger at him… anyway this is whats happening here, the element we append is not what we reference at the bottom of the properties that is will be given to its parent… so an element is field is what ive done for a long time now for other reasons mainly but its important to note a random id generated by the plugins code wont help because then when the repeating group clones it there will be multiple ids and either way the knob… she gone.

My best advise is to start giving your elements a unique id field in the properties, and do this:
notice I do both but reversed, now we have dynamic unique ids but also the parent does too so if the parents disappears she don’t take the kids with her…

hopefully yours is a similar case and they should play happy family’s with uncle RG. let me know if not, I have to sort a special case element that might be able help in a different way if not.

Thank you jarrad for your answer but we’ve found the solution of issue. Now we’re having this issue - when autobinding plugin’s values with database( that is, when publishAutobinding() function is called ) values that are selected in our plugin dissapear. Now can we catch “then” event after publishAutobinding() function so we’ll refresh plugin after publishAutobinding() is called? We’ve tryed using then() function after publishAutobinding() but that doesn’t work correctly.

Hey Jarrad!
Sorry for not replying earlier. as my colleague @bubblestore wrote yesterday, we were trying to find a solution and the problem turned out to be not in the IDs, but rather in the CSS code. We managed to solve it but now we run into a problem with the auto-binding. There is not much information in Bubble documentation so we were wondering whether you’ve managed to implement it before and if yes, maybe you could help us out by taking a look at what we posted here yesterday.
Thanks a lot for all the support you are offering to Bubblers!