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Plugin for U.S. States dropdown?

I think it exists but I can’t find it, but is there a plugin for a dropdown for United States selected input? Secondarily is there one for countries?

Easiest way would be to create an option set of data type and import the list and run off that.

Yes as Chris says, importing a data set thats already created will be the quickest option and it’s super easy. Here is a video of a couple of options you could try using the API connector:

Works really well.

Same principle for countries:

This worked out quite well. Turns out there are plenty of sites with csv files of states, state codes, and counties. So I didn’t have to type in anything. Just a few clicks, import, and bingo. Thank you!!!

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Great video. Thanks!

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There is an option set record provided for free by @AirDev, you can find it on the forum.